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A one-day summit for 100 pre-seed & seed stage Founders

Founders Camp #5 Coming Fall 2024

Learn from the best. Get inspired. Connect with fellow founders.

During Founders Camp, you'll spend the day surrounded by a curated group of exceptional peers, hear scaled and exited founders share their biggest lessons, learn what all-star investors are looking for and get inspired from key thought leaders.


Miguel McKelvey, Co-founder @ WeWork

Miguel is the co-founder of WeWork, and served as the Chief Culture Officer. He left the company in 2020 following the IPO and is now building NAYAH, a global network of social clubs.

Siddhi mittal, co-founder @ yhangry

Siddhi is the co-founder of yhangry (YC W22), a private chef marketplace, where you can book a chef whenever you want to socialise at home. Siddhi won Dragon’s Den with her yhangry pitch, is a Google for Startups Top 30 alumni and is passionate about problem solving and speaking to customers. She’s also a Bollywood dancer, and coffee enthusiast.

olamide ogunrinola, Octopus vc

Olamide is an early-stage investor at Octopus VC. With £1.9 billion under management and investing over £100m a year, Octopus Ventures is one of the largest and most active venture investors in Europe. Previously, she was an investor at Bayes Entrepreneurship Fund and worked at KPMG.

Stella Smith, founder @ pirkx 

Stella Smith founded fintech start-up pirkx in 2018, disrupting the UK's employee benefits industry by offering comprehensive wellbeing benefits for all, regardless of employment type. Egalitarian and socially conscious, pirkx has a significant impact on the 'gig' economy and beyond.

Stella's early career was in private banking and included roles at C. Hoare & Co., where she worked as an FX & Money Market Dealer; Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets and HBOS, where she built their financial markets wealth proposition. In 2008, she retired from banking to work on various smaller projects and this is where she realised her inspiration for pirkx.

Stella joined The Ingenious Group in 2010 and became CIO at Clarkson Wayman Ball Group in 2019. Stella then transitioned to pirkx's full-time CEO role in response to its growing demand and continues to hold numerous board positions in organisations such as Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights UK, Cascade Cash Management, and The Awen Project.

Beth carter, Head of growth @ flexa

Beth is the Head of Growth at Flexa, and a growth coach and advisor. She’s an experienced angel investor and is one of our most loved speakers.

Tesh Srivastava, founder @ daedalus

Tesh is the CEO of Daedalus and is a not yet jaded startup founder with a background in FinTech and Product. He’s worked for folks with money and has founded his own startups and as an exec for others - some have gone very well, some not all.


Daniel Lancioni, Senior Director of EMEA & APAC partnerships @ Deel

Daniel Lancioni is the Senior Director of EMEA & APAC Partnerships at Deel. Dan has over a decade of experience in hiring and retaining talent - both on the SaaS and Services side - at companies like WPP, Braze and Quantum Metric.

Rosie Hoggmascall, Head of growth @ perceptycs

Rosie is a Fractional Head of Growth specialising in subscription apps, product-led growth and monetisation. Last year, she won App Leader 2023, Top Testing Influencers 2023 and Top Writers in UX on Medium.

Sam marchant, associate @ hambro perks

Sam is an Associate at Hambro Perks focused on early stage, primary investments. Sam is a founder turned investor. Prior to joining Hambro Perks, Sam co-founded a low sugar cereal bar brand and scaled this business from a university startup to an internationally recognised challenger brand. He then moved into early-stage investing at Ascension Ventures where he focused on pre-seed and seed stage investment opportunities across a range of sectors. Sam is the founder of Forward Pursuit, a podcast focused on providing insights and practical learnings from exited founders, angel investors and innovators.

Michael Ginzo, Co-founder and CPO @ Hofy

Michael is Co-Founder and CPO at Hofy, the fastest growing software platform for full lifecycle management of employee equipment. Previously, Michael led Product and Expansion at insurance tech company Cytora, specialising in scaling products across geographies, and worked at global HR platform Deel on product integrations.


maeve crowley, investor @ smedvig ventures

Maeve is a investor associate at Smedvig Ventures, focusing on Series A and B rounds. Smedvig Ventures helps B2B tech teams scale more confidently from early traction to inspiring success stories

Dan bower, PARTNER @ superseed vc

Dan is the co-founder and partner at SuperSeed VC, a £50m seed fund focused on supporting technical founders who are building B2B AI/SaaS startups. He is a 4x exited entrepreneur, and fun fact, was also in a Boy Band in the 90s. 

About the Day


Founders who are raising, or just closed their round. Sector agnostic <3


There's a small fee just so we can ensure attendance. It doesn't cover how much it costs to run the event, it's just to make sure we have accurate numbers for the day. If you can't cover it, just message us and we'll see what we can do.


No, no, no. This in what we refer to as an "anti-conference conference." Wear what you want. Just come prepared to connect with interesting people, and learn.


It's all day.

Additional Past Speakers Who Joined Us

We are regularly joined by the people shaping the startup ecosystem.

Seb Wallace, Investor @ Triple Point Ventures & Founder @ further
Anthony Rose, Founder @ SeedLegals
Beth Carter, Head of Growth at Flexa
Tom Foster-Carter, ex-COO @ Monzo, founder @ Curve, founder @ Cherrypick
Andy Ayim MBE, founder @ Angel Investment School, investor
Bianca Cefalo, founder @ SpaceDOTS
Nic Carey, founder @ blockchain.com

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