Raising money for your next round

You’ve raised at least £75k* and have begun preparing for your next round. *The average founder in our last cohort had raised £225k.



You are obsessed with creating the best version of your product and growing fast. You love making your customers' experience the best it can possibly be.



We have a killer lineup on speakers who are here to help you! Our sessions are interactive, and designed to be quick and tactical.



Programme: Starting March 2024

Post-programme Growth Tracking
Demo Day

Speakers you'll hear from during the programme

We are regularly joined by the people shaping the startup ecosystem.

Joe Perkins, Founder @ Landscape VC
Anthony Rose, Founder @ SeedLegals
Sagar Gupta, Stripe
Henry Seabright, Founders @ Barty
Jake Fox, South East Angels
Chai Shetty, Ex-Director at Deliveroo
Engin Y, Founder @ 21x21 Syndicate

What You'll Learn Each Week

Week 1

We’ll start the programme by diving deep into what metrics matter most to seed investors, and then cover what metrics they’ll benchmark you against (I.e. Ok, they want to see revenue…but how much?)

Week 2

During Week 2, we’ll cover how to build financial models that will help you operationally and impress investors, how to manage your cap table pre and post raise, and how to prioritise your spending.

Week 3

Week 3 will be a deep-dive on your product. Our speakers will give you the tools needed to know what you should focus on, double-down on and what is a distraction.

Week 4

Week 4 is focused on creating your customer ops plan that will turn your initial users/customers into your biggest fans, and help you get and retain new ones.

Week 5/6

In the final week, we’ll talk about how to accelerate your growth, and how to find the top talent you need after closing your round.

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What founders have to say about us

I have been part of two Hotbed programmes already. And it keeps getting better. I have derived great value out of these. The line-up of speakers/industry experts is excellent! The co-hort group is very good with some excellent work being done.

Mike M
Founder @ Strabo

Hotbed programmes are totally unlike any other accelerator out there. They understand founders and have built a programme that give founders the support we really need. Access to networks of the best founders/investors. Talks and events that provide actionable insights - no waffle. 100% founder centric. Plus they'll push you out of your comfort zone. You are guaranteed to 10x your network, skills and confidence. Highly recommended.

Jacqui Meskell
Founder @ Huggnote

The best thing about Hotbed is the community of founders we met, who are all at pretty much the same stage and facing the same challenges. The group has been a great sounding board and we’ve found friends, clients and useful signposting to resources from just the network alone. The workshops and chats with investors were packed full of tips that have really helped us shift our thinking from start up to scale up.

Jo Eckersley
Founder @ Bubbl